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Il BORGO DI SEMPRONIO and the culinary art

"Let your food be your medicine
and the medicine be your food" (Hippocrates)

The ancient traditions of this village are reproposed with the help of the three local restaurants :  Il Mulino, Novecento and La Vecchia Cantina . Our guests can avail a 10% discount on the menu while tasting fresh pasta, pizza and dessert made with special types of antiques grains discovered in this wonderful territory.

Half board service is available on request at Trattoria la Vecchia Cantina, the price for adults is €15,00 and for children between 4-14 years is €10,00 (up to 4 years it's free)

Leaving nothing to chance, the chefs create tasty food based on antiques flavors, bringing together with passion the diversity of cuisine; each restaurant has its typical dishes, each chef has his artistic skills: prepare and transform this land’s products into tasty and attractive dishes.

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